Why an Intruder Alarm is a Must Have for Your Home


We all know the risks of leaving our homes unlocked and unsecured if we were to go out for any amount of time. Depending on where we live, it could be ransacked and burgled in a matter of minutes. There are opportune burglars and there are the career criminals that make a full-time occupation of robbing homes even when they are occupied & your home and personal property are at risk from these individuals. It is with this in mind that it is a must have for every home here in Preston, Lancashire, to have a professionally installed intruder alarm. An intruder alarm, that will work both when you are out of the house and also when you are in bed asleep at night.

Security Alarms for the Home

There are many kinds of intruder alarms available, but for the average 2-4 bed home a wireless intruder alarm is the answer. With a control panel fitted near the front door, that makes it handy to get to once entering the home, and with small motion detectors fitted in each of the downstairs rooms is pretty much all of the equipment you will require. The motion detectors will be fitted with lithium batteries that can last between 3 and 4 years before needing to be replaced, there is little disruption or mess when installing this kind of burglar alarm. The motion detectors can be adjusted to take into consideration any pets that will be roaming around the house, so the alarm isn’t triggered by their movement. The intruder alarm is however fully set to pick up anyone trying to break into the house or any movement of a person within the property.

With an alarm box fitted on the outside of the house, somewhere visible this in itself can be enough to put off any would-be intruder. If the alarm goes off, there is a loud ringing and if you have signed up to it there is a police or security service response with a call out to the property. Intruder Alarms can be connected up with any CCTV cameras that are currently fitted on the property, which can, in turn, be linked via an app to your mobile phone. For more info on security alarms for your home visit

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