TV Aerial Installation

The key to perfect TV reception lies in the kind of aerial that you install. This is especially true in the modern era of digital TV broadcasting. A professional aerial installer will assist you to choose the most appropriate aerial for your location. When you are searching for the right aerial installers, ensure that you select the one who offers you good customer support. The technical support crews must be experienced and preferably local. You must be careful to avoid rogue installers. Here are tips for finding the best aerial installer for your TV:

TV Installation

1. A credible aerial installer must assess your current circumstances. Many aerial installers will instantly try to sell you a new aerial. But you may own an old aerial which may be amenable to an upgrade. You need to inform the installer about your current set up and find out what options there are for upgrading. In a nutshell, you should never disregard whatever equipment you have.

2. Never base your choice of the aerial installer on their exceptionally low prices. Most likely, such installation will result in a narrow choice of channels. They will use poor quality cables and hardware which means potential problems and extra charges. It saves both time and money in the long run if the job is correctly done at the first time of asking. A credible installer will always install the proper equipment.

3. Ensure you understand fully what services you will get after the install. The TV menu you enjoy will depend on the type of aerial installation you do.

4. The aerial installer needs to have the right insurance. If you hire a rogue company, you will have to absorb the costs in case any damage is done to your property during the installation process.

5. Conduct an online research to find out if the company owns a website. Then check the web for testimonials and reviews relating to this company. Remember that even rogue companies can put up professional-looking websites. Third party testimonials will help clarify if the company enjoys customer confidence.

6. You need to satisfy yourself that the company is qualified to do the job.TV aerial installation goes beyond hardware installation-there are signal assessments and measurements that call for a knowledgeable technician. Such a person will understand the intricacies of TV signal reception. Whereas it is often advisable to choose the bigger well-known regulated companies, there are other smaller outfits that may also have aerial installation expertise. For such companies, ask them to provide credible references. If a company claims to be certified, verify this from the website of the regulating body.

7. Inquire from the installer if they will be using approved or benchmark standard products. Using substandard products will result to the aerial having a short useful life. Approved products will generally have a long, trouble-free life.

8. Ensure the company you select uses the recommended health and safety equipment when they climb on your roof. You must hire a fully trained technician or engineer who will use the right harness equipment when climbing up your roof. If they fall off, they will be putting their lives at risk and also leaving you, the paying customer, liable. Professional installers use the right safety equipment and follow the proper and recommended procedures.

9. Those technicians who come to your house to install your TV aerial need to provide proper identification. A reputable aerial installation company will have done background criminal checks on them.

10. The appropriate time required to install a TV aerial is a grey area. However, a company that completes the installation in less than one hour will must probably have rushed the job. This may point to potential problems in future and this may also mean they did not abide by the stipulated safety and health procedures. A professional installer will always take time to follow the right procedures required by their training. On average, a proper install should take around two hours. Ensure you afford them sufficient time so they do it properly the first time round.


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