When to Repair or Replace a Television Aerial

Usually the only time you would call for an aerial fitter is when you’ve moved home and need to sort the aerial out or if you are experiencing a problem with your existing system. So, most people will have very little knowledge of what could be wrong if they are getting poor signal on their TV. Generally it is left the the engineer to asses what is wrong, for him to give the customer a price to either fix or repair the aerial for them then to give the go ahead to carry out either an aerial repair or a tv aerial installation as a replacement.

How would the customer know if the fitter is giving them the best advice? Well there are at least a few things that anyone can do before calling out an installer.

  • First, and it may seem too obvious but it would be to check the connection where the aerial coax cable is plugged into the TV. By checking the coax plug and making sure that it is securely fastened plus making sure that there is no corrosion or water dripping out of the end. Why? If the coax plug is no properly attached then this will give a poor connection from the aerial to the TV and it will result in a loss of signal or poor signal. Coax plug for tv aerial cable If there is signs of corrosion, oxidization, or it has water dripping out of it, then this tells you that from either the Aerial head or from somewhere along the cable water is entering in. This indicates a complete failure in the system and it cannot be repaired and must therefor be replaced. Do Not plug the coax back into the TV if this is the case. Call out an aerial installer to replace your aerial cable at the very least.
  • If all is ok with the coax plug and it shows no signs of water ingress, then the next thing to do is to see if any of your other TV’s are experiencing signal problems or picture break up. If they are not look to see if the cable is going into the same Aerial as the faulty one. If it is, then it would indicate that the problem lies with either the aerial cable or the TV itself. To eliminate the TV as having a fault you would need to plug a known working aerial into the TV that is experiencing the signal problem. If the TV works, then it points to the Aerial Cable as having a fault, but if the TV is still experiencing problems, then the signal fault is not a fault with the TV Aerial, but a failure with the tuner within the TV.

By just carrying out these few simple checks you would be able to identify in many cases whether or not you would need to call out an aerial & Satellite engineer, and it will save you the cost of a wasted call out if it turns out to be a simple problem with your connection or a fault with the TV itself.

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